Celebrating & Sharing the GOOD NEWS

Welcome to KIND – Kids Inspiring New Directions, where we believe that even the littlest kids have the power to make a big difference in the world…and we want to encourage, celebrate and share that idea!

Each post will highlight kids at their best…exhibiting “KIND”-ness to others, to the environment, to the world.

To kick off our new blog, we are excited to celebrate the launch of a new picture book from Story Pie Press called GOOD NEWS NELSON (by Jodi Moore, illustrations by Brendan Flannelly-King) with a giveaway!

Nelson is a young paperboy who realizes that sometimes it’s not enough to just deliver the news…sometimes you have to do something about it! Will he be able to find homes for 100 cats…AND change the attitude of his cranky neighbor, Mrs. Snodberry? Nelson is PAWS-itive he can!

To be entered to win a personalized copy of GOOD NEWS NELSON, all you have to do leave a comment below. If your comment also tells us about something you – or another incredible kid – has done to make the world a better place, we’ll add another entry for you…and who knows? We MAY even feature you and your KINDness on a future post!

The winner will be announced on this blog on December 12…so don’t delay!

Join us – and Be One of a KIND! Hugs, Jodi 🙂


17 thoughts on “Celebrating & Sharing the GOOD NEWS

    1. Thanks, Brendan! And I love this idea! What a great way to promote and share good news – and good will – across generations! I hope other communities follow this lead!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! ❤

  1. Hi Jodi. 🙂 What a great blog you’ve started here! I shared it on Facebook, too.

    Can I brag on my kid for a second? She’s nine, and in 4th grade. Today she came home and said one of the girls in her class wanted to tell her something about another girl in the class. My girl said, “If what you want to tell me would make [the other girl] cry, I don’t want to hear it.”

    *proud mommy grin*

    She hasn’t changed the world (yet), but today she made a really good choice.

    1. Amy, the actions of your sweet, sensitive, SMART daughter brought tears to MY eyes…in such a GOOD way!!! I believe her words DID change the world…by making that positive choice, she set a great example for the first young lady…and shielded the other from a potentially hurtful situation. Your daughter rocks (of course, she DOES have a fabulous role model/mommy!)…and I’m grinning right along with you!!! ❤ Hugs & love to the both of you!!! ❤

  2. Oh, this is a FUN and must-tell-all about blog!! I’ll brag on a first-grader from yesterday’s letter-writing campaign . . . we’re sending notes of thanks to our troops who’ll miss the holidays cause they’re overseas and in harm’s way . . . and one boy asked if he could keep his letter until tomorrow because he wants to go shopping and send a gift along. Then he added, “What do you think the soldiers want for Christmas?” What a doll! If I win the book, it’s got his name on it.

  3. *heart squish* Oh Barbara! Will you PLEASE hug this child for me??? Thanks so much for sharing this heart-warming story…and the blog! Adding extra entries for you as we speak…!!! <3!!!

  4. Jodi, I’m so excited to share another one of your books with my school! My whole class has already taken Accelerated Reader quizzes this trimester on your first book and look forward to the next one. I’m looking forward to using Good News Nelson as a response to literature selection, so our kids have a positive theme and character trait to analyze. A fellow 5th grade teacher just shared a website with her class this week called freerice.com . There are questions in many subject areas for students to answer online in a class account. For every question answered, ten grains of rice are donated to hungry people. They were so excited about this project, they all went home and did extra school work to donate food to others. They earned over 15,000 grains their first night and had to increase their monthly goal! I’m going to get my class started on it tomorrow!

    1. Omigosh! This rice project is fantastic!!! I’m going to have to check it out and promote it in a future post. And thank you SO much for inviting BOTH of my books into your classroom. Your students are so blessed to have you as a teacher!!! ❤

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