Sharing the Gifts of the Season

Today is my eldest son’s birthday…and yet, I feel as if I’m the one who continues to receive the best gifts. Both of my boys (now young men) are a source of constant inspiration and joy in my life.

Years ago, when Alex was a wee little cub scout, several Marines came to speak at one of our meetings and encouraged the boys to participate in their Toys For Tots drive. They impressed upon us how important it is to donate gifts to those who otherwise might have to go without. Alex listened intently, his eyes growing large and misty.

He was unusually quiet on the ride home. Finally he said, “I don’t understand. Santa brings presents on Christmas. I’m sure he wouldn’t forget anyone.”

His face mirrored the innocence of Cindy Lou Who.

I took a few breaths to inflate my heart, which had pretty much squished into a spongy mess, and tried to find the right words. “He wouldn’t on purpose, honey, but sometimes kids move and others might live in places that are hard for Santa to find…”

He nodded slowly. “Plus,” Alex added in his logical way, “not all houses have chimneys. I think we should go to the store now.”

He wandered about the Lego aisle for over an hour, examining each kit with concentration and care. “It’s getting late,” I said. “Please make your choice. We need to go home.”

He shook his head. “I need to find the right one, Mom. I’m working for Santa now.”

Toys for Tots is one of our beloved family traditions. You, too, can become one of Santa’s helpers and make the difference in a child’s life! To learn more, visit

Finally, we’d like to send tons of heartfelt love & gratitude to all who are serving – and have served! – in our military (as well as their families) for giving us the gift of freedom…and encourage everyone to share a little KINDness with them!

Barbara Gruener reports:

I’ll brag on a first-grader from yesterday’s letter-writing campaign. We’re sending notes of thanks to our troops who’ll miss the holidays cause they’re overseas and in harm’s way . . . and one boy asked if he could keep his letter until tomorrow because he wants to go shopping and send a gift along. Then he added, “What do you think the soldiers want for Christmas?”

*heart squish*!!! Love & thanks to Barbara and her amazing kids!

What other things can we do to spread KINDness this holiday season?

Don’t forget…enter a comment and you’ll be entered to win a copy of GOOD NEWS NELSON; tell us about how you or another cool kid is making a difference in the world and we’ll add an entry!


2 thoughts on “Sharing the Gifts of the Season

    1. Aww, thanks, Kai! It was one of those yikes-how-do-I-handle-this parenting moments.I’m proud to say both of my boys are so sensitive, thoughtful and giving. They continue to work their magic everyday…making my world – and the world in general – a better place! ❤

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