* squee * !!!

I’m thrilled and tremendously excited to report that today is the launch, or birthday, of my second picture book GOOD NEWS NELSON, illustrated by the brilliant Brendan Flannelly-King and published by Story Pie Press!

*Tigger tangos*  *tosses confetti* !!!

We’re honoring this momentous event with a virtual launch party over at Story Pie Press, and I’d like to invite all of you to come on over to celebrate our GOOD NEWS and enter to win some fantastic prizes!

Riley tongue NELSON

In honor of NELSON’s launch, I’d like to highlight some very special kids who, along with their fantabulous parents, continually open their home and their hearts to shelter animals…my amazing niece Sierra and my awesome nephew Shayne! According to their mom, this dynamic duo has bottle-fed more kittens and puppies in their roles as “foster parents” than most adults have shared with their human babies!

Riley, the handsome guy pictured above reading GOOD NEWS NELSON, is only one of their many adopted furry brothers and sisters.

But we realize that not everyone can adopt or foster. Some people are allergic to our furry, fuzzy and feathery friends; others may not have the space or the means for such a commitment.

However, you can always help with donations. Animals and shelters have holiday wish lists too! Some ideas to consider are:

1. Food and treats

2. Used towels and blankets

3. Toys (including clean stuffed animals)

4. Collars and leashes

5. Cleaning Supplies

6. Office supplies, like stamps and copy paper

7. Digital cameras for sharing pictures of the animals that need good homes!

8. Cat litter

9. Animal carriers

10. Your time!

And of course, money is always appreciated. Perhaps you can orchestrate a bake or a yard sale to benefit your local shelter. Maybe you can put on a play and teach people about KINDness toward animals!

Don’t forget, shelters take in all types of animals…the birds, reptiles and small mammals need your love too!

For specific needs in your area, contact your local shelter.

How else can you be KIND to animals? Remember, comment on this blog by December 11 for a chance to win your own personalized copy of GOOD NEWS NELSON! The winner will be announced December 12!


6 thoughts on “What the Cool Cats are Reading…

    1. Thanks, Mary! Same to you!!! <3!!! Thanks for making it all possible…for believing in NELSON…and in ME!!! Love to you and the entire TEAM NELSON!!! ❤

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