WINNER of GOOD NEWS NELSON Giveaway…and the Positives of Being “In the NO”

And now…announcing the winner of the GOOD NEWS NELSON giveaway:

*places names in hat*


Amy Nichols!!!

*throws confetti*

*blows horns*

*Tigger tangos*

Congratulations, Amy! We’ll be contacting you to see how you would like your book personalized! Enjoy…and remember, we ALL have the power to change the world! Pioneer GOOD NEWS!!!

*   *   *

Sometimes, what we think is a very small thing can make the biggest difference in someone’s life. A pat on the back, a kind word, a smile.

I tend to be borderline preachy when it comes to treating people with respect and encouraging them to behave in a positive manner. But sometimes, a little negativity is just what the world needs.

Say what?Kids' Stuff 108

Today’s winner of our GOOD NEWS NELSON giveaway, Amy Nichols, shared a story about her daughter that made me fist pump “YES!”

All because Amy’s daughter said NO.

Amy shares:

Can I brag on my kid for a second? She’s nine and in 4th grade. Today she came home and said one of the girls in her class wanted to tell her something about another girl in the class. My girl said, “If what you want to tell me would make [the other girl] cry, I don’t want to hear it.”

How awesome and brave is that? Amy’s daughter not only broke the link of the gossip chain, thus stopping a potentially hurtful situation for one girl in her class; she also served as a fantastic role model for the others!

Amy shared her *proud mommy grin* with us. I have to say, I can’t stop smiling myself!

How will you step up and be KIND? We’d love to hear what the awesome KIND kids in your life are doing!


7 thoughts on “WINNER of GOOD NEWS NELSON Giveaway…and the Positives of Being “In the NO”

  1. Aww, thanks so much…for reading, for sharing…for loving! Hope you drop by often – and share the KINDness of the cool kids in your life!

    1. I’m so thrilled you shared her story – she is quite a role model: brave, compassionate, empathetic and strong! I hope all kids – and adults! – follow her example of KINDness! I’m so proud of her TOO! Your book is on its way! Hugs & love, Jodi ❤

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