Youth Sleuth

How many times do you see signs that say, “Find us on Facebook”? Thanks to the help of 7-year old super detective Eddie Hanzelin, a brother and sister did just that – finding each other after being apart for 65 years!

Betty Billadeau and Clifford Boyson had been sent to different foster homes when they were 5 and 3 years old, respectively, and had been searching for each other ever since…for over six decades!

But it wasn’t until little Eddie took on the cause – and the case! – that this siblings’ dream of a reunion came true. Eddie and Clifford came to know each other through Eddie’s father, who was the older gentleman’s landlord. His friend seemed lonely, Eddie told the ladies on The View. He felt it was important to help Clifford find his family.

But how do you find one person…when there are so many people in this world…and you have no idea where they could be?

Crowd picture

Eddie had a brilliant idea! He used his mom’s Facebook account (with her permission, of course) and began the search. He typed in “Boyson” and looked at a lot of faces. Finally, he spied found a picture of a woman who looked a little like his friend, so he showed it to his parents…amazingly, it was Clifford’s sister! Eddie’s parents helped to arrange their special meeting, which took place earlier this month.

The rest, as they say, is his-and her-story. At least it will be, as these siblings embark on the beginning of a brand new journey, a bright future just waiting to be filled with love, memories and family!

You can learn more about this wonderful reunion here.

Eddie is the perfect example of the fact that even the smallest of people can make a huge difference in the world! Do you know someone who is lonely? How can you share a little KINDness?


4 thoughts on “Youth Sleuth

    1. I couldn’t agree more…such a remarkable young man! And what can I say? I’m a sucker for a happy ending! 🙂

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