WHEN A DRAGON MOVES INTO…the heart of GEORGIA…and YouTube!

What’s the GOOD NEWS…?

I could not be more honored, humbled and thrilled to announce that WHEN A DRAGON MOVES IN has been selected as the WINNER of the Georgia Children’s Book Award for 2012-13!!!

I am SO thankful to those who made this recognition possible…and to EVERYONE who continues to support me in my writing and in the pursuit of my dreams, including my beloved family (awesome hubby/best friend/king of sandcastles Larry, extraordinary son/video game designer/pizza chef Alex, beautiful and talented daughter-in-law Jessica, and brilliant artist Steve, maker of DRAGON heads, 3D NELSON posters, websites and trailers, who also happens to be a quadruple threat in the world of theatre); my super extended family; my fantabulous editors Shari Dash Greenspan (WHEN A DRAGON MOVES IN, Flashlight Press) and Mary Rand Hess (GOOD NEWS NELSON, Story Pie Press); my incredible illustrators Howard McWilliam (DRAGON) and Brendan Flannelly-King (NELSON); my entire FLASHLIGHT PRESS and STORY PIE PRESS families; my fabulous writer buddies and critique partners; and all the librarians, teachers, parents, grandparents, and readers of all ages out there who embrace, share and love my stories.

I could not do what I do without all of you!

*Drum roll please*

Now, I’m THRILLED to announce that the WHEN A DRAGON MOVES IN book trailer is up and RUNNING on YouTube, thanks to the magnificent (and tireless!) work of my son, Steve!

Please enjoy this and share…and give yourselves all HUGE hugs from me!


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