Getting to the ART of the Matter

In celebration of BookFestPA and the Central PA Festival of the Arts (State College, PA), I thought it would be fun to take a cue from NELSON and practice some recycling…in the form of art!

Note: Small children should always be supervised by responsible adults.

Crafty Cats

These adorable kitties will brighten anyone’s day! Give them as gifts, fill them with pencils…add a popsicle stick and put on a puppet show!


Cardboard roll (toilet paper or paper towel)

Paint or printed material/duct tape

Construction paper

Googly eyes (optional)

Small craft pom poms (optional)

Nontoxic glue or paste


Craft Cats

Cut cardboard roll to size. (I made two cats out of a toilet paper roll; three out of a paper towel roll.) Paint or wrap tape around roll to create the body. Cut ears out of construction paper; affix to inside top. Glue (or draw) eyes and nose on kitty. You can use construction paper to make a tail. I used pieces of a leftover feather boa from Halloween.

Feel free to add your own creative twists!

What other creatures can you imagine and create?

Litter Bugs 

I found this terrific idea at! (They’ve got TONS of fantabulous craft ideas!)

All you need is newspaper to start. Squish/crumble/roll into a ball-like shape, then secure with some tape or string to form the body. Add a second layer to make it smoother (like wrapping a present!) Then use leftover bottle caps, straws, ribbon, googly eyes to decorate your bug…the sky is the limit! It’s like craft stew!

Craft Litter Bugs

I couldn’t help but add my own “party bug” variation for a fun (and environmentally sound) party activity/craft. Use up those scraps of gift paper, curly ribbons and bows. What a great take-home favor for your guests!

What will you create when you recycle?


4 thoughts on “Getting to the ART of the Matter

  1. I’ve been “pinned”! LOL! Thanks, Kim…and just so you know, they’re not only easy, they’re quick! 😉

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