“Totally Tubular” Fire-Breathing Dragons!


If you build a perfect sandcastle, a dragon will move in.

But for those times when a beach is simply out of reach, you can make one of your own…using recycled materials!  *fist pump*

I recently shared this craft at a bookstore following a reading of WHEN A DRAGON MOVES IN, and it was a major hit. Before we proceed, I must first thank the lovely and talented Sherri Osborn for originating such a great idea and allowing us permission to share this with you: http://familycrafts.about.com/od/cnydragoncrafts/a/ToiletPaperRollDragon.htm

Since we were in a bookstore, I substituted colored duct tape for paint and glue dots (Zots) for regular glue to reduce the risk of spillage and the challenge of drying time. I’ve offered both options here. As always, please supervise young children.

Here’s what you’ll need:


toilet paper roll

paint and brushes or colored duct tape

pom poms and/or small dried beans

googly eyes

tissue or crepe paper





Paint or wrap colored duct tape around your toilet roll.

Cut strips of yellow, red and orange crepe or tissue paper (for the fire) and tape pieces to the inside of one end of the roll.

Glue beans, buttons or pom poms on for nostrils and eyes. Add googly pieces to the front of the eyes.

Once dry, blow gently through the tube to make the fiery strands dance!


For more cool (and sizzling hot!) crafts, visit Sherri at http://aboutfamilycrafts.com/

We certainly will!


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