Why I Do What I Do

The past few weeks, I’ve been busy with travel, deadlines, revisions, critiques, preparing a synopsis of my YA, reading (yes, that’s part of my job, gotta love THAT!), preparation for upcoming school and festival visits, DJing  – and all the prep that goes with it! – and trying to enjoy every drop of sweet family time we can squeeze out.

I throw in loads of laundry in between.

I love each and every part of the process, each and every part of the results. Yes, even the rejections on manuscripts. They help me to grow. As a writer. As a person.

Still, some people don’t understand. They think our lives are crazy (my husband’s and grown kids’ lives are just as hectic, what with all of us being involved in the hospitality/entertainment industries). For the record, I do not deny this. “Do you ever stop?” they ask.

Yes. I stop. And when I stop, I get to read thank you letters like this:




Which keeps me going. Because this is the reason I do what I do.

Thank YOU, Breanna, and all of the other people who keep ME inspired: my family, my editors, my illustrators, my friends, my critique partners, the teachers, the librarians, the booksellers and the readers – of all ages! – out there.

I am truly blessed.


4 thoughts on “Why I Do What I Do

  1. Thanks, Joanne! Admittedly, some of the rejections can still bring on sniffles, but this child’s letter? It totally brought me to tears!

  2. Yup, that would make my day too…. You should frame that, post it on your wall, and never forget it. That’s a slice of inspiration that should hang with you forever. Deservedly.

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