Letting Go of the No

I am calling myself out.

When I visit schools, I always try to impress upon the students that they should follow their dreams. That they should not listen to those who spew “no”s. That they should leave the “no-it-alls” in the dust.

You see, writing for children has always been a dream of mine and I share my journey with others in the hope that I will encourage them to follow their own.

But admittedly, I dreamed of telling stories before words were even an option. When I was very young, I wanted to be an artist. I spent many blissful hours drawing the world around me. Drawing what was in my head. Drawing what was in my heart.


One day in third grade, I was drawing a picture of a horse (one of my favorite subjects) while waiting in line to go into school. I remember it so vividly. A few of my classmates were looking on and smiling their encouragement, when an older boy (whom I assumed to be a much-wiser student of perhaps the fourth grade) peeked over my shoulder.

“That looks stupid,” he said.

Three little words. That crushed me.

I’m not saying I stopped drawing at that moment, but I did “with-draw” from sharing my art. From aspiring to be an artist. I believed him…and consequently lost any belief in myself.

As this New Year starts, I am choosing to revisit that time, that place, that passion. It was a long time ago, but I’m no longer letting that “no” rule my creative world.

blog art pic

Please join me. What will you discover when you let go of the “no”?


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