Baby Dragon Hosts A Contest…& a Challenge

Hey there. Baby Dragon here.

My writer mom keeps meaning to update this blog, but between writing, author visits, the agent search and keeping up with other social media, she’s pretty busy. (Not to mention the mountains of laundry. Have you met Felicity Scott yet? She’s quite a messy little character that’s moved into Mom’s mind with us recently. But I digress…)

Blog Atlantic City boat

Because Mom recently treated me to a trip to Atlantic City (major thanks and love to my awesome Sand Dad, who made the whole thing possible), I thought I’d try to do something nice for her…and well, for the beach.

So I’m taking over her blog.

Blog baby dragon typing

You see, Mom’s originally a Jersey girl and fell in love with the ocean here as a child, spending sun-drenched days belly-surfing the waves, and cotton candy-scented nights on the rides at Steel Pier. While she says some things have changed (how I wish I could have met Mr. Peanut!), this town will forever hold a special place in her heart.

The beach was so damp, Sand Dad was able to build a castle without adding any water!

Blog Larry bd on beach

Even though Sand Dad’s welcome sign was for Dragons, the seagulls thought it was for the birds. I guess they can’t read.

blog birds landing on castle

blog birds in castle

We spent two glorious days on the beach. We saw so many beautiful shells. Mom said they were originally homes to sea creatures, like tiny castles. They were all such different colors and shapes and sizes.

Blog BD w shells

We were like pirates, searching for treasure. ARRRRRR!

blog shells sparkle

I tried to find one I could move into.

Blog bd on towel w shell

Just when I thought I’d never find one big enough…score!

Blog bd w horseshoe crab close

But alas, these shells already had tenants. After visiting with the horseshoe crabs for a bit and learning they were stuck, we helped them back into the ocean. They’re very wiggly under their shells.

Blog bd crabs

I guess I’d feel crabby if I were washed up on shore too. I think they were happy we helped them.

blog crabbies into ocean

Bye bye, friends!

In addition to Larry, there were lots of other people building sandcastles. I tried out several. To all my dragon friends reading this, head on down to the Jersey shore for royal real estate galore!

(I don’t want to brag, but I think Mom gets her rhyming skill from me.)

blog castle 1

There was something for every taste.


blog castle 3

And every size family.

blog castle 2

Sadly, shells and crabs and sandcastles weren’t the only things decorating the beach. As we walked along the shore, we found trash: bottles, cans, plastic bags, and wire ties, to name but a few – even though the trashcans were only a few feet away!

blog dragon bottle

“One of these things is not like the others…”

Do you know that trash not only makes the beach look ugly, it pollutes our water and can hurt – or even destroy – our friends?

Mom and I picked up a lot of trash as we walked – sometimes we had to run so we could grab it before the ocean or the seagulls did – but I couldn’t stop worrying. What would happen after we left? Who would clean up the garbage then?

And then I thought…Team Dragon! It doesn’t matter how small you are. Together, we can all make a big difference.

Here’s the challenge:

During the month of July, share a picture in which you’re doing something to clean up your favorite beach, lake or park (throwing away trash, planting flowers, sweeping the street, etc.) for a chance to win WHEN A DRAGON MOVES IN and WHEN A DRAGON MOVES IN AGAIN.

blog dragon tossing trash

You can tweet your photos to @WriterJodiMoore, post them to Jodi Moore, Children’s Author on Facebook or email them to me through Mom’s website:, go to “contact”. (Doing so will give her permission to upload and share them on her social media sites. Mom never posts any pictures of kids without permission.)

You may enter multiple times with multiple pictures – and trash!

A random drawing for the books will be held August 1. (So sorry, but the contest is only valid in the U.S. – although we hope everyone EVERYWHERE will join in this mission!) When we all clean, we all win!

Let’s keep our hearts – and trashcans – full!

Go Team Dragon! *wing pump*


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