Homework For Life

As an author, I’m always curious to get a glimpse into the creative process of an artist. It’s why I watch shows like Project Runway, Chopped and Skin Wars. It’s why I love connecting with other authors at conferences and online. It’s why I’ll sit for hours, watching live rehearsals of shows.

A few months ago, I watched Matthew Dicks’ inspiring Ted Talk on Homework For Life. (Watch the entire thing by clicking on the link – it’s amazing! He’s amazing!)

Matthew, who is not only a brilliant writer, but also quite the entertaining speaker, asserts in this extraordinary presentation that story ideas are all around and float by us in droves like “dander in the wind”. The most simple often lead to the best tales. Sadly, it’s easy to overlook them. But if we learn how to refine our vision – our “story lens” – we can capture them.

Matthew’s assignment? Spend five minutes each night reflecting on our daily experience. What little gem made this day different from yesterday? What story nuggets can we mine from the mountains we climb?

Well, Matthew, I’m accepting your challenge. And I’m going to do it here…not only to keep myself accountable, but also in the hope that perhaps the snippets I collect can inspire others and help us all connect.

Like many, my heart has been hurting what with today’s emotionally charged political climate, and its resulting rise in fear, hate and divisiveness. But on this day when we celebrate the words, the passion and the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I happened upon this notice while walking:


And forgive my pun, but it was a sign…a sign of hope, of kindness, of healing. I’d like to think Dr. King would have approved.


4 thoughts on “Homework For Life

    1. I love this challenge, and the idea of viewing life through a “story lens”…not only for my craft, but for training one’s eye to see the gems, the treasures – those glistening moments otherwise missed in the rush of every day life. Thank you for your comment, for your talk, for your stories!!! xoxo

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