H4L Day 5: Preaching to the Choir

Those who know me know I believe in building bridges, not walls. We have enough division. We need to connect. Communicate. Understand.


Why then, I was asked today, do people spend so much time “preaching to the choir”?

While I can’t speak for everyone, I think preaching to the choir – venting hurt, anger and frustration to sympathetic, trusted friends and family – brings comfort. It offers strength. Resilience.

Personally, I preach to the choir in the hope they’ll sing to me afterwards. Calm me. Inspire me. Lift me back up and help me face the world again.


That’s what music has always done for me.

But here’s the thing. One note does not make a song. Music is complex. Layered. Infused with harmony, emotion and truth. It’s only when these notes are joined together that we even HAVE a song.

And if I remember correctly from my choir days, it’s important to listen to the other voices before adding our own.

Oh sure. There’s always that one voice that’s a little louder or more insistent. And there are always a few who sing a little off-key. Or who may not know the proper words.

But we can teach them. We can reach them.

It takes time. It takes persistence. It takes patience. And love. Lots of love. (Ask any music teacher.)

But it’s worth it.

Keep preaching. Keep singing. You never know who will listen and join in.


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