H4L Day 8: On Developing One’s Story

I’m always amazed at how photographers can capture emotion in a picture. It’s a talent, for sure – nothing less than art – and something that I’ve been exploring in a young adult novel I’m currently writing.

Lately, my husband has been taking some amazing photographs on his phone.


(Photo above: by me OF Larry; photo below: by Larry, church in New York.)


I didn’t realize it until today, but he knows quite a bit about developing film as well (apparently, it was one of his hobbies “pre-me”.) In a discussion over breakfast this morning, I told him I’m trying to learn about the process in order to make my characters more believable. As he began to describe the sequence, things that hadn’t felt clear in my story began to crystallize. Missing pieces fell into place.

My story began to develop in a way it hadn’t before! (No pun intended.)

Thanks, honey! *blows kiss*

And then I saw this:


It was a sign! (Pun completely intended.)

Those of you who are aware of what I’m working on will realize the significance of this. The rest of you will just have to wait until it’s on the bestseller list. *grins*

Hey, a girl’s gotta believe in herself, right?


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