H4L Day 9: Oh SNAP! A Selfie For Good

Those who know me well know I’d much rather be behind the camera than in front of it. So taking “selfies” isn’t really my thing.

BUT, for the second day in a row, I found a “sign of SELFIE”. (I’m listening, universe!) This time, it was the chance to make the world a little bit better with the assistance of a condiment.

There I was, sitting in Chili’s, getting my burger fix (side note: if you haven’t tried their guacamole burger, I highly recommend it!), and there IT was.


Heinz ketchup is running a “See Yourself Helping to End Hunger” campaign through March 1, where they’re challenging people to take a selfie with their product. If you text it to the provided number, the company will donate $1 to Stop Hunger Now.

And I thought, “Oh, snap! (Pun totally intended) I can totally get behind – er, rather in front of – that!” So I did.


You can too. For more information, please visit ASelfieForGood.com. Thanks, Heinz!


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