H4L Day 10: Listening to Your Inner Child…& the Outer Universe

It’s no wonder that two of my family’s favorite shows are Peter Pan and Hook. While we all may grow older, we’re not focused on growing up, but rather growing within our individual, creative art forms.

In order to do this, staying in touch with one’s inner child is key.

It’s not always easy. Life sometimes gets in the way. But Larry had the perfect cure. He surprised me by taking me to Dave & Buster’s.

We played video games, air hockey and Skeeball for hours. For the first time, I even got the ball in one of those 100-point slots!


Of course, then Larry got three 100s in a row. Show-off.

Ever the adorable, attentive “boyfriend”, my hubby was determined to win me a stuffed animal. Since they require a lot of tickets, and Skeeball can only get one so far, he moved over to play Spin The Wheel.

And darn if he didn’t hit the jackpot!


We were two kids in a candy store as we roamed the shelves, looking for the perfect treasure.

And then I found her. She was facing the wall at first, but when I turned her around, I knew I had to bring her home.


If there’s anything writers love, it’s the rule of three. For the third day in a row, SELFIE took center stage.

The universe has spoken. And now I must write.


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