H4L Day 11: Ain’t Nothin’ Like the Real Thing, Baby

Like many, I’m guilty of spending too much time online. It’s so easy. I’m at my computer most of the day, weaving stories. Just one tap away from Facebook and Twitter. And Instagram. And…and…and…

It is indeed a lovely way to connect and share with friends. But lately it’s been weighed down with political “discussions” (sadly, I must put that in quotes as I’m not really sure people are always listening and responding; there’s a lot of “I’m right/you’re wrong” going on), prompting some to advocate for more kitten and puppy videos to sooth the senses.

That being said, “ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby” (cue Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell.)

We met this sweet guy as we were coming out of a restaurant. (Don’t worry. He wasn’t “left” in the car in a dangerous situation. His “parents” were just running in for take-out, and hopefully a “doggy bag”.


So get out there. Get some fresh air. Eat some good food. Make some new friends.

And then you can post about them. Hey, the Internet can never have enough puppy pictures.


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