H4L Day 12: Hitting the Wall

I’ve often heard the expression “hit the wall”. It’s used to describe the feeling when you’re so exhausted, you just can’t go on. Writers sometimes use it to describe when they just can’t figure out where their story is going.

The other night my husband and I hit the wall.


We had been traveling. He trained all day. I wrote all day. We were exhausted. Physically and mentally.

In the middle of the night, I woke up thirsty. You know those few moments before your eyes adjust to the dark…?


I hit the wall in the hotel room.


A lovely, pointy stucco wall.


But you know what I learned? After a little rest and nourishment, you can go on. And I think I may have knocked a few ideas back into cognition.

Coordination has never been a strong point with me, but I think I’m making it work.


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