H4L Day 13: Sharing Hearts

Some days you have to search for a gem to write about for “homework”; other days, one rises up and sparkles brighter than a mirror ball.


Yesterday, a strong, smart, kind, beautiful – inside and out! – young woman married the man of her dreams. Beth is the kind of person you want to have as a friend. You want to have as a daughter. Beth was Line Dance Coordinator for Penn State’s THON in 2008. I guess you could say she danced into our hearts from the very first time we met her.

Years later, Beth was to face her own personal battle with the very disease she fought so passionately against during Dance Marathon. But cancer had no chance against this amazing woman.

Over the years, Larry and I have provided the music for literally thousands of weddings, each one special in their own way. But when you have a DJ service, it’s rare that you get to attend an event as a guest.

It was such an intense honor and joy to be there for Beth and Ryan!

Of course I took about a zillion pictures, but this one squeezes my heart:


Larry started giving out heart stickers years ago during THON. No words can express the elation I felt taking this picture, as Larry gave his heart to Beth yesterday.

You’ll always have our hearts, Beth. Congratulations and much love to you both. May your lives be filled with as much happiness as you give to others. Forever and always.


4 thoughts on “H4L Day 13: Sharing Hearts

  1. Beautifully written and straight from the heart. So happy for you and Larry to share the evening with us! Love, Susan

  2. Aw, being able to share this day with all of you was our honor and joy! Thanks so much for inviting us. We loved seeing Beth so happy. I think it was actually her smile that lit up that mirror ball! 😀 Love to all of you! ❤

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