H4L Day 14: Children, Teach Your Grown-ups Well

Our work takes us to some pretty awesome places. Yesterday, it took us to Washington, D.C. I love visiting our nation’s capital. It has always filled me with so much pride, inspiration and patriotism.


But this time, I needed this trip. There’s so much division out there. So much anger. So much fear. Admittedly, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

As usual, Larry knew exactly where to take me to recharge my heart. The Tidal Basin.

Since a portion of the Metro was closed, we took a bus, where we spoke with some very kind and passionate young people hugging signs to their chests. One sign said, “Do you know what makes this country great? IMMIGRANTS!” I wanted to hug each one of them.

We reread the inspiring words of Jefferson.


Marveled at the powerful statements of Franklin Delano and Eleanor Roosevelt:



Washington Live in House.JPG

And infused our souls with hope at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. monument:


But it was the DC Chinese New Year’s Parade that both stopped our hearts… made them soar:

Washington dragon.JPG

And brought me to tears:



This, this, THIS is my America! March strong. March forward. March proud.

Again, I wanted to hug each and every one of them.

March on, my children. Teach your grown-ups well.


4 thoughts on “H4L Day 14: Children, Teach Your Grown-ups Well

  1. Just what I needed too, Jodi. Thanks for sharing. The words are etched in stone and the sentiment in most of our hearts, so they will not be forgotten.

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