H4L Day 17: Tree-mendous Inspiration

I don’t know how many times I watched Ferngully with our two sons, but it has to number in the hundreds. Maybe more.

The part when Crysta lays her hand upon the tree trunk after initials have been carved in and says, “Can’t you feel its pain?” will forever be carved into my heart.

Between this movie and The Wizard of Oz (also watched well over 100 times!), I’ve come to ascribe personalities to all the trees I meet. Each one, so unique and magnificent in its own way!




I find they provide a wealth of inspiration for manuscripts, both fiction and nonfiction. This tree, in particular, was the springboard for ONE DETERMINED ACORN:


On our travels this past week, I ran into this lovely tree, that looks as if she’s donned a gown. Doesn’t she have a glamorous Marilyn Monroe vibe?


And now, I must write.


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