H4L Day 22:Through Sickness & Dessert

The first movie Larry and I saw when we were dating was Lady & the Tramp. It goes without saying that our first restaurant was an Italian one. And that we shared the pasta.


I’ve been blessed to share my pasta, my love and my life with this amazing man throughout the years.

While in Washington D.C. last week, we decided to share some Mexican cuisine. Our most attentive server didn’t ask us if we wanted dessert; he just placed the not-to-be-ignored menu in front of us. We decided to share the fried ice cream atop chocolate lava cake. (I know!)

“We should cut it in half,” I said. “I’m afraid I might be coming down with something.”

“Nonsense,” Larry answered. “That wouldn’t be romantic.”


So we shared. One plate. Spoons dipping. It was delicious.

I got sick the next day.

Larry got sick three days later.

Was it worth it? I asked.

Without hesitation, he said yes.

Which made this Lady realize for the bizillionth time…I’m so happy I said “yes” all those years ago.

Through sickness and health. And gooey desserts.

Love you forever, Tramp.


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