H4L Day 26: Somewhere Under the Rainbow

Today I had a Wizard of Oz moment.


It’s always been one of my favorite stories, whether reading the book series, watching the movie or enjoying a live musical performance on stage. I use it in my school visits to talk about character and plot development in writing. I even played the Wicked Witch of the West in a community presentation years ago.

(Admittedly, it was very therapeutic to cackle.)


And don’t get me started on sequins and shoes.

Larry and I have been traveling a lot as of late. Sometimes together, sometimes in opposite directions. For example, I was in NY last week while Larry was in Iowa. But this week, we shared paths (and walks on the beach) in Florida (we even got to visit my Dad and his fiancé – yay!) Of course, then he flew off to Georgia and I had to fly home without him. *sniff*

I was so excited to pick him up from the airport today. On our way home, we spied a rainbow and joked that it looked as if it were stretched over our development. As we got closer, we marveled how it looked as if our home was the gold at the end of the rainbow…


And this is what we found when we pulled into our driveway!


Which only goes to show that sometimes the best things are found under the rainbow.

*clicks heels three times *


There really is no place like home.


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