A Change In Perspective

Looking at something from a different perspective can be fun. Interesting. Enlightening.

It can also be a challenge.

This past week, my art class focused on drawing in perspective. Let’s just say, I’m grateful for erasers.

In theory, it all makes sense. But in practice, I sometimes find myself struggling to draw a simple cube.

And don’t even get me started on cylinders.

There’s a reason I’m so in awe of illustrators and animators. They make it look easy.

It’s not.

But little by little, I’m learning.

“That’s why you’re taking classes,” our younger son reminded me.

And then, just as I crumbled the eight hundredth rendition of a bird’s eye view of the park, my husband presented me with a shirt he and our other son designed and made for me, depicting the tiny round birb I created a couple of weeks ago.


Yes, perspective can be a challenge, but it’s invaluable to know you always have that unconditional love and encouragement–no matter what the position or angle of your viewpoint.

Once again, I am beyond grateful for their enduring support.

Now to get back to the top of that tree….

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